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BHE STUDIO our new store next door

BHE STUDIO is our new store located at 89 Main Street in Madison, New Jersey. BHE STUDIO is a retail store and interior design center presenting a modern sensibility in home furnishings. The new store is a division of British Home Emporium, which is located next door at 91 Main Street.

The merchandise presentation at BHE STUDIO is a departure from the British Home Emporium store. The authentic cowhides on the floor, mid-century modern furniture, colorful accessories and contemporary lighting fixtures all reflect a fresh clean modern lifestyle. However, the same principles that distinguish the company's successful 15 year history still apply. Owner and interior designer Nina Karamallis explains, "We believe our clients, customers, and community want us to provide interior design solutions that are unique and customized to their particular homes and vision. In keeping with this philosophy, BHE STUDIO offers modern furniture that can be customized, modern custom cabinetry, and unique home accessories you won't find at the mall. Much of the art shown is original work by local artists and even the prints we select are unique and custom framed. We remain dedicated to presenting our community with new trends in home furnishings and BHE STUDIO now enables us to add a lifestyle that many homes love - clean modern design."

Nina describes the new store as, "A contemporary approach to interior design and home furnishings that many of our clients and customers have requested. We decided the best way to present this modern lifestyle would be to create a separate hip modern environment. We converted the space next door- removed the drop ceiling tiles to reveal a wonderfully high ceiling with air ducts, tore up a laminate floor to expose the concrete subfloor, and relocated interior walls to create an open airy space that seems much larger. Then we painted the interior a soft inviting white with a warm dark grey floor and back wall. The result has created a fresh updated industrial space."

Nina added, "We invite our clients, customers and the community to stop by and enjoy our new store... and all the new home decor arriving every day in both stores."

BHE STUDIO and British Home Emporium are premier interior design and home furnishings stores serving New Jersey and the New York City metro area. The company offers interior design services with six award winning interior designers and an interior architect, custom cabinetry and tables hand crafted in solid cherry, pine, oak, maple and walnut. Both stores offer upholstery, lighting, original art, rugs, fabric, wallpaper, dinnerware and unique decorative accessories. British Home Emporium and now BHE Studio has been serving its customers and clients in Madison, Chatham, Morristown, Summit, Short Hills, and many other towns in Morris, Essex, and Union Counties in New Jersey for 20 years.

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